short head bicep exercises, The two muscle heads of the biceps are known as the short head and the long head. short head bicep workout

Your biceps (or bi’s), more formally often known as the biceps brachii, is a single muscle made up of two muscle heads (therefore the phrase “bi”, which suggests two).

The two muscle heads of the biceps are known as the short head and the long head.

Both muscle heads come up from the scapula (at totally different factors) and converge to type a single muscle stomach which is connected to your higher forearm.

For reference, a muscle “head” is solely the purpose of origin, and the “belly” is the central level the place the muscle bulges.

Here is a pic of the muscle and the place the heads connect:

bicep short head exercises
The long head attaches to the supraglenoid tubercle within the hole of the scapula proper close to the shoulder joint.

As you may see, the short head is on the internal facet of the arm and the long head is on the highest/outer facet of the upper arm, each on the anterior facet (entrance).

The most important operate of the biceps brachii is to flex the elbow (bringing your forearm up towards your upper arm by bending your elbow) and supinate the forearm (rotating your forearm/wrist outward).

You can’t utterly isolate the short head. Remember, it’s only a muscle head that shares the identical muscle stomach because the long head.

As a matter of truth, you may’t even isolate the biceps brachii from the brachialis, as they share the identical operate.

Be that as it might, there are methods you could emphasize the short head, which means present it with probably the most potential activation.

The identical is true for the long head, however since this text is in regards to the short head, we are going to solely be specializing in exercises that focus on the short head particularly.

exercises for short head biceps


This data will assist to additional make clear the pure operate of your biceps and make you look even smarter on the fitness center if anybody asks in regards to the biceps!


The short head of bicep is positioned on the within of your upper arm. The short head is large and meshes with the long head to present the biceps an outlined and large look from the entrance view.


The long head of the bicep is positioned on the highest and out of doors of your upper arm. The long head is slimmer than the short head and has the next peak. The long head is the a part of the biceps you discover when your arm is flexed, nearly shaping right into a sphere.

So, if you wish to construct a excessive peak in your bicep, that’s your long head, and if you need more width, that’s your short head. Targeting the short head throughout coaching will assist make your biceps wider, which can give your upper arm a fuller look.


. However, there are specific features that one head takes more management over.

The short head of the biceps helps adduction, the act of pulling the arm again towards the trunk of the physique.The long head additionally helps the inward turning of the arm, a course of known as inside rotation.

Curl along with your elbows in entrance of your physique (upper arm held up parallel with the ground).
Curl with a large grip.
Curl with a supinated grip (palm held upward and outward.
Curl along with your arms held laterally towards your physique.
Even with out weights, you may strive these arm and grip positions actual fast to see how your internal bicep (short head) is more activated and contracted.

Overall, when doing curls, simply bear in mind, the more supinated your hand, the more your short head (internal bicep) will likely be activated. And the more pronated your hand (palm in or down), the more your long head (outer bicep) will likely be activated. Nevertheless, each heads will likely be working regardless.

In regards to preserving your elbows up and out in entrance of you, there was EMG analysis (electrical exercise of muscle tissues and nerves) achieved and this positioning reveals to extend rigidity on the short head of the bicep. This is sensible because the short head performs a larger position in stabilizing the shoulder joint, which happens when you’re curling along with your elbows held up in entrance of you.

short head biceps

The identical is true for the long head. If you need to have a excessive peak in your bicep, you might want to give your long head consideration too.

Together, your arms will look spectacular from the entrance and facet view. Plus, you should have a larger benefit of power when performing large compound exercises or different bodily actions.
By successfully focusing on each the long and short heads of the biceps throughout your coaching classes, you’ll optimize your private genetics, permitting your weapons to get as large and robust as they presumably can!

If you might be new to bodybuilding, set good objectives in your exercises and all the time strive to make sure balanced exercises that problem your muscle tissues to develop and acquire power. After we go over the entire exercises for the short head biceps, we are going to give you some necessary coaching ideas and methods.


Now that you just perceive in regards to the operate and significance of the biceps, it’s lastly time to leap into the 9 Best Short Head Bicep Exercises.


There are literally more than 9 exercises, however some are merely slight variations or the identical precise train however with totally different tools, so we grouped them collectively. While it might appear redundant, altering up tools or barely altering an train coaching variable could make a giant distinction to your development as selection is a vital facet of overloading a muscle to power adaptation and thus improve dimension and power of the muscle.

head bicep
head bicep


short head bicep exercises bodybuilding

The preacher curl is a good train for the short head of your bicep as a result of it positions your elbows out in entrance of your physique, which as we talked about, gives larger activation of the short head.

Another beauty of the preacher curl is that it eliminates dishonest as your elbows are fastened in place and the arm place permits for a wide range of movement, notably benefiting the stretching section of the motion (you may actually get an awesome stretch within the biceps with a preacher curl). Studies present stretching rigidity is extremely efficient (if not the best) for hypertrophy.

Now, when it comes to tools, utilizing a barbell/ez bar, dumbbells, and cable for preacher curls are all very efficient. The following type cues apply to all tools variants of this time-tested bicep train.

How to do a preacher curl:

Keep your higher arms involved with the angled pad.
Keep your higher arms stationary.
Begin every rep along with your arms straight however unlocked.
Be cautious to not overextend your elbows.
Use a large grip to higher isolate the short heads of your biceps.
In full management with focus instantly in your bicep, curl the load till your forearms are vertical.
Maintain stress on the short heads all through this train.

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