Is it good to drink alcohol after workout? Benefits of drinking beer and is it good or bad to drink alcohol after working out.


Many people nowadays find it very difficult to set aside time for exercise. They exercise during their free time. When dealing with job responsibilities and family responsibilities, it makes sense for many people to consider stopping a trip to the gym with alcohol.
But at the end of a training session, you may be wondering if drinking after exercise, aside from a hard race or celebrating a long day, serves a purpose.

This article aims to explore the health benefits of drinking alcohol after exercising.

Is it bad to drink alcohol after work?

it depends. If you have specific goals – for example, to build muscle – and you are looking for effective and efficient ways to achieve this goal, it is best to avoid alcohol immediately after exercising.
This is because alcohol lowers your cortisol levels, lowers your testosterone levels, and slows down the natural recovery process from your exercise session by preventing protein synthesis. Your body treats alcohol as poison; Therefore, as your body prioritizes the elimination of alcohol, it prevents the burning of muscle and fat. Physiologically, drinking after exercise is not helpful if you are trying to achieve fitness achievements, especially after exercise.

However, drinking once in a while after exercise does not have a long-term effect. If the end of your workout overlaps with the beginning of a social activity, it is better not to complete your workout at all.

How long should I wait to drink alcohol after work?

After exercising, his first priority should be to replenish electrolytes, rehydrate with water, and replenish properly with a nutritious meal or snack consisting of both carbohydrates and protein. For most people, waiting at least 1 hour between your workout and your first drink is a good minimum to aim for.

In fact, it has been shown that exercise can help reduce the urge to drink. So, after waiting for two hours, you may find that you do not need that alcohol.

Does drinking negate the benefits of my exercise?

Moderate alcohol consumption reduces the rate of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) after strenuous exercise. Your body needs carbohydrates and protein to recover from exercise.
One study found that even when drinking alcohol with protein after exercise, MPS was reduced by 37%. This is especially true after recovery training and high-intensity pause training to adapt to recovery, muscle growth and exercise.

However, alcohol does not help you gain muscle, it does not interfere with your recovery. Several studies in both men and women have found that moderate alcohol consumption after exercise does not interfere with muscle regeneration.

Is there any benefit to drinking alcohol after exercise?

Although alcohol consumption after exercise has been shown to weaken MPS, it has not been shown to have a long-term negative impact on performance. However, this does not mean that drinking alcohol after exercise is useless.
Although there are no real benefits to drinking after exercise, if you have an adult drink, choose wisely.

Beer contains electrolytes and carbohydrates. I recommend trying to alternate water and beer every few sips to maintain rehydration. It is important to remember that there is no conclusive evidence that drinking beer after your workout is beneficial. However, compared to spirits, it is less of the two bad ones.

Is there a risk of drinking alcohol after exercising?

Today, research does not suggest that moderate alcohol consumption after exercise harms long-term health among individuals without alcohol dependence.

When we exercise, especially in high intensity or hot climates, sweating causes us to lose a large amount of fluid, the electrolyte is depleted, and the blood volume may decrease as the body tries to cool down. It is important to restore this fluid level after exercise, but drinking alcohol can delay that process.
Drinking alcohol after exercise can cause additional swelling in your tissues as it opens blood vessels. Encouraging swelling at the injured site can make an injury worse. This is usually done by inhibiting the activity of hormones such as testosterone, which support this recovery process. A meal or snack consisting of both carbohydrates and protein consumed shortly after your workout will help replenish the energy stored in your muscles. Eating short meals while drinking alcohol also helps to slow its absorption.

Rehydration after exercise and restoration of electrolysis are the number one priority.

Therefore, it is not advisable to drink alcohol after your workout. For best results – especially with regard to muscle growth – avoid alcohol and supplement with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. It is done in moderation and drinking only occasionally after exercise will not harm you. When choosing a drink after your workout, beer may be slightly smaller than alcohol, but be sure to double it with water so that your body can completely recycle it.

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